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Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2017):

I first purchased the adamas fixed blade because I liked the look and appreciated the fact that a percentage of the proceeds went to a noble and honorable cause and was very curious to see the quality that benchmade offered. when recieving the knife i was stunned with the quality and sharpness of the blade as it truly surpassed my expectations.In a mishap of forgetfulness i left the blade outside when using it to cut some things around the farm and gave it up reluctantly for lost. I immediately ordered the 275 folder and it has been my edc from then on. I have used this knife at work as a heavy truck and equipment mechanic where i have put it through what would be serious abuse for a lesser blade. I have cut through 3/4 inch battery cables by hitting the spine with a hammer,it chopped trough like butter with a perfectly clean cut and sustained negligible damage,(a nick in the spine 1/16" due to my inaccuracy and only slightly dulling the blade edge.) I have other examples of the ridgidity however it would take too long to explain lol. I found the fixed blade a few months and rainstorms later lying outside my house in the dirt, to my surprise the knife showed no signs of corrosion! Benchmade has sriously earned a lifelong loyal customer already based solely upon quality as i have yet to have to deal with any type of customer service but i hear that in that area they excell as well. I just purchased the barrage yesterday and look forward to its continued use for years to come if not for life lol. I personally will never buy a cutting tool from any other company so long as Benchmade keeps doing things the way they do.

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