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Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2017):

I own many different brands of knives.
I own several Benchmade Knives and I can say without any doubts or reservations that Benchmade Knives are the absolute finest quality knives and I would venture to say the best in the world.
The AUTO-ADAMAS is a very exceptional tool and one of the finest and strongest knives in my collection.
It is beefy, heavy, and razor sharp.
I don't like the AXIS opening system as much as a push button, but it doesn't take anything away from the quality and the functionality of this amazing instrument of perfection.
The molle sheath that is included with the knife is just as rugged and made with very high quality.
My version is the flat dark earth/beige handle with a black coated blade with serrated edges.
I recommend the AUTO-ADAMAS to anyone who wants a beast of a knife that will handle any task from hand-to-hand combat in battle, to cutting through most everything with ease.
I can shave with this knife.
I can shave the hair off of my arms and it's so razor sharp it's almost scary!
If you just look at and hold this knife you can tell by the craftsmanship that this knife will last a lifetime.
You could pass this down to a loved one long after you are gone.
It's just that incredible!
5 star rating!

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