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Fixed Adamas® Family

Product Review (submitted on April 20, 2017):
I have been carrying this blade for almost a year now and i have never had a better experience than this. It has served me well for everything from shaving kindling for a fire to cutting 550 cord for lashing. It holds an edge as long as a $600 blade and yet it sharpens easily. Then theres the quality of service from the Benchmade brand. I was on patrol one day got back and found the i had broken my sheath. I scoured the site for a replacement without the blade and alass found none. So i wrote them and email explaining my dilemna. I provided my basic information as to how to reach me so that i could buy a replacement. Next thing i know there was a replacement in my hands, no questions asked and i could not be happier with this company andnits fine employees. I thank you so much for the service that you have provided me and i look forward to the many knives i purchase in the future.