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Product Review (submitted on May 4, 2017):

I've been carrying nothing but Benchmade for 16 years, and the Barrage variant since they were first introduced...I now own 12 Benchmade knives, as well as buying numerous models for friends, family and colleagues over the last 15 years....I'd actually venture to say I've "Invested" over $5K in the company...HA!
As a Marine with over 30 years active duty and nine combat deployments, my gear is important to me, Benchmade has ALWAYS performed to my standards...which are higher than most. When you absolutely need a knife to work, from cutting det cord, or cutting flesh, to digging a hole in a wall for a breaching charge, benchmade has never let me down...ever! I actually prefer the assisted opening to the automatic...just a preference. And I will say, I carry three when I go to the pointy end of the in my trouser pocket on a lanyard, one on my vest on a lanyard, and a fixed blade strapped to an ankle inside a boot...probably the most important...I will have one on me when they play Taps and send me to guard the pearly gates. To the folks at Benchmade, Bravo Zulu Ladies and Gentlemen...every time.

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