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Crooked River Family

Product Review (submitted on May 19, 2017):
While I like modern knives, I also like the older, classical looking ones whether wood or horn. I need to find knife for a special occasion with engraving. I also have large hands so I prefer a larger size one. The Crooked River works all the way around. The stabilized wood does not look imitation. It still looks like wood. The knife is very well made...solid. Of course the locking method is easy to use and rock solid as well. The blade steel is a premium one which holds an edge well. The weight and fit in the hand are perfect as well. It is real piece of Americana as well which makes it very attractive as a knife to own. You cannot go wrong picking this up. It comes with a Parkerized clip. However, you can obtain a deep carry clip from Benchmade as I did if you require better concealment. Finally, the price is more than reasonable for what you get.