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Auto Triage® Family

Product Review (submitted on May 29, 2017):

I live in Texas where automatic knives are legal. As a civilian things will get interesting if I have to ever try to have warranty work done on my Auto Triage. In spite of this it is my everyday carry knife. I have that much faith in the Auto Triage's reliability.

I got an Auto Triage in case I needed it to escape a wrecked car or help someone escape a wrecked car.Okay, so the golly neato factor was an issue. However, if that was all that mattered I could have bought an Auto Bedlam instead. Thank God (your choice) I have not had to use it as a rescue tool. I have used it as a general purpose chore knife. After two years of moderate use it is still razor sharp.

I would recommend the Auto Triage for everyone who lives in a state where it is legal to do so. I would strongly suggest that anyone wanting a quality knife who also spends a lot of time in an automobile buy a Triage, auto or not, and carry it 24/7.

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