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Adamas® Family

Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2017):

Let's be clear about something, I'm a Georgia girl living in a Tennessee world where guns and knives are everything. I've had the Adamas Auto for over a year now and have not a damn thing to complain about it! The Axis system is still extremely strong! The knife is not as sharp know because I've put it through its paces. Sadly, if you're not LEO or Military you can't send it back to Benchmade to have it sharpened (not their fault, its just the law of their state that they operate in). Whether you're LEO, Military, Security Contractor (like I am), or just a patriot with a job that requires an extremely excellent knife, the Adamas family will absolutely NOT disappoint. It is rather large but it's something I got used to. I will be purchasing the manual version for when I travel. BUY THIS KNIFE AND ONLY THIS KNIFE!!!!

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