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Contego Family

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2017):
I recently traded my friend a paramilitary 2 for this badass tactical blade. I love the ergonomics and the blade shape, there is no blade play in any direction and I don't even notice it in my pocket. The m4 steel is super easy to sharpen on my DMT diamond stone and holds an edge forever. I tried the glass breaker on the window of a ford explorer and the window broke super easy, but so did the back spacer on my knife. It had literally broke in half, I really hope it was just a problem when this specific contego was made and wont happen to other people. I also emailed benchmade for a new backspacer and hopefully will send me a new one because my friend voided the warranty (of course doesn't tell me this until after the trade) so now I cant send the knife in and I'm stuck with a broken contego. But overall I really enjoy this knife and would recommend it to anyone, just be a little carful with the glass breaker so it doesn't break.