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Product Review (submitted on July 29, 2017):

So I’d like to start off by saying while my experience with the knife has not been the best Benchmades customer is great and they have always been friendly in answering my questions. I purchased a griptilian with d2 steel a couple years back and spent $250 to custom make it. The knife came it looked to be great quality. Within a week however the blade chipped and while I use my knife a good amount I am not extremely hard on it. Within a month 2 screws in the Center of the knife fell out and were lost as I did not realize they had fallen out till they were gone. I had the blade sharpened professionally and the chip was smoothed out. Now within the last 2 months the top of the blade is chipped again and a tooth on the serration has chipped as well. The handle has held up great other than the screws falling out which did not seem to affect it much but the d2 blade is trash. I have not had a chance yet to send it in for warranty but honestly I’m about to just buy a new knife as I am so fed up with this one. As I said earlier Benchmade is a great company and I will be buying another knife from them I would just go with the standard 154.

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