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Bugout™ Family

Product Review (submitted on September 3, 2017):
As usual, Benchmade has missed this knife's audience by targeting the Bugout to lightweight backpackers and outdoor adventurers.

I can only hope the right people find out about this latest knife.

By right people I mean the vast numbers looking for next evolution in a pocket knife, one that disappears in your pocket and is the antithesis of tactical.

That it only comes in blue right now is a testament to Benchmade's new-found friendly direction in their latest offering, along with their first slip-joint, The Proper.

As much as like The Proper, and give credit to Benchmade for having gone into production with it, once you get used to opening a knife with one hand, it's hard to go back.

And it is here that the Bugout shines. It's soooo smooth opening and closing, probably the best balanced knife Benchmade has ever produced.

While it is not meant to be a played-with flicker, it sure makes a satisfying sound flying open and locks up like you expect of Benchmade, flawlessly and solidly. And this from a knife way less than half an inch wide and weighing a paultry 1.85 oz.

These numbers make the Bugout pretty much the ultimate in civilized pocket carry.

You don't have to rush out to buy one, because this guy is destined to be around for a long time at the top of Benchmade's best-seller list, but you'd be missing out on putting a great big smile on you face by handling one of your own.

From the moment you slip the Bugout into your pocket you'll know why it's going to displace a lot of other good knives into dresser drawers.