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SOCP Spear-Point Family

Product Review (submitted on September 13, 2017):

I love the Bencmade SOCP, I was a little worried at first because of the steel used (440C) but it is stupid sharp and for what it is designed for I guess it won't be a problem although I would still prefer better steel for it. Like many other people have said sometimes the sheath slips out of your pocket with the knife even with the newer sheaths with the little grippy stuff on the pocket clip. The sheath is best in jeans for pocket carry, I wear a lot of lightweight hiking pants and the sheath slides right out everytime. I fixed this by adding skate tape/grip tape to the sheath and now it stays put in jeans and hiking pants. The last thing that bothers me about the knife is there is no option for a straight edge on the the blade. I do love the knife but would prefer it without the serrations on the blade. The SOCP dagger is not sharpened like the SOCP knife and while you could sharpen the dagger yourself a lot of state laws prohibit carrying of double edged knives and daggers. The clip on the sheath could use a little work and the option for a straight edge like most other Benchmade knives would greatly improve this knife.

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