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Product Review (submitted on September 16, 2017):

I spent a lot of time considering the size of this knife. Make no bones, its a beast in all aspects. Laid next to my Barrage, it is a whole scale thicker. But this is not a knife for the skinny jean wearing man. I purchased this knife because I wanted fixed blade strength in a folding package. This is a 100% work knife. It pries screws out of scissor lift tires, cuts open countless boxes of hardware and shrink wrapped pallets. The D2 steel is a proper material for my needs. I throw it on the honing rods every night and the fine diamond every few weeks and it stays sharp enough to cut hair with little effort to maintain it. The auto action is snappy and it locks into position with authority. It took a week of use to get the Axis lock/release to be able to operate one handed without digging into my thumb, but it has broken in nicely. The blade does not wobble or have any slop in it. Ive used it every day for about a month and a half now, and it cannot complain. Its hefty, but if you need a knife this heavy duty, you wont be concerned with it. It has been my EDC since I received it, and I dont see myself changing it.

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