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Presidio II Family

Product Review (submitted on October 6, 2017):
I usually carry a mini-Griptillian (MG) or mini-Barrage (MB) for EDC, but lost my mini-Griptillian last week somehow (clipped inside a pocket). I didn't carry the MB as much because I worried that the assisted MB could be easier to accidentally open in a pocket when it's not locked, because the blade can move without pulling the axis-lock and it might snap open in a pocket, but when locked it could slow my ability to engage with an attacker if I have to also flick a safety off with my thumb arthritis. I actually had a Gerber open up on me like that in a back pocket once, when the safety was broken (it now lives in a sheath in my backpack to prevent accidental opening).

However, my Presidio 5000SBK automatic can't be opened without pulling the axis lock down, and the axis-lock is stiff enough that I believe that I'll be able to carry it clipped inside a pocket without the safety on, for quick access.

The MB also likes to snap closed without warning under the force of the spring when I'm closing it and I reach the 80-90% closed mark, so it's easy for it to cut your palm if the meat of your palm gets between the mostly closed blade and the handle (once was enough, thank you superglue). But the Presidio automatic doesn't snap closed suddenly under the force of the spring when you've got it closed most of the way.

My main complaint is that the Presidio is somewhat heavy at over 6oz (about 2x the weight of my MG) but offering an option of the G10 grip could have made it much lighter. And, although I found mine in a local store with the coated serrated blade, it's made of 154CM instead of the S30V that I was expecting per the Benchmade webpage specs.

I'll have to keep my MB or my Northfork G10 with me when I travel to areas that outlaw automatics, but this will likely become my EDC due to my arthritis in both thumbs. I really don't see a big difference between an assisted folder and an automatic folder that would make them outlaw the auto in some states that still allow the assisted version. It's a silly distinction.

However, due to the weight I would not buy the Presidio for EDC if it hadn't been an automatic - I'd stick with some variation of mini or full size Griptillian and Barrage, or the Northfork or Adamas 275 folders with G10 grips.