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These alternate pocket clips DO NOT come with new screws. If you would like new screws please call customer service (833-557-2526) so we can confirm your model number and we can include the screws at no additional charge! We are not able to add screws to existing orders at this time.
Original pocket clips that came on your knife prior to purchase (or installed at the factory) are covered under warranty, we will replace them for free under warranty. Please call customer service if you need a warranty replacement clip! Furthermore, if you purchase an alternate clip that did not come on your knife prior to purchase this is NOT covered under warranty and you will need to purchase an additional alternate clip.   Installation: You will need a T6 Torx in order to take the old screws out and install the new pocket clip and screws. We also recommend using a small drop of blue Loctite to ensure the screws stay seated.  

This deep carry clip comes in only Black oxide and Satin finishes. If you would like to have your knife sit a little lower in your pocket this is the OEM replacement for you!

Compatible with Current Production Models: 535, 533, 537, 940 variants, 1000001, 585, 581, 580, 583, 590, 595, 560, 565, 550, 551, 553, 555, 557, 556, 484, 486, 15085-2, 15080-2, 15031, 15060, 15061, 3400, 4600, 8551, 4300, 2551, 3551, 9750, 9501, 9052, 9051, 9600, 5700, 5750, 570, 575, 407, 427, 818, 810, 950, 980, and 365

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