A knife doesn’t always need to be highly specialized in regards to function, which is why our EDC knives range from versatile designs intended to help you throughout your daily routine, to intricate statement pieces that are bound to drum up conversation among fellow enthusiasts. These are our daily drivers, accumulating a lifetime’s worth of stories with every cut.


AXIS Lock: A Benchmade original, The AXIS is a 100% ambidextrous locking mechanism that revolutionized folding knife technology over two decades ago.

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Carbon Fiber: A contemporary premium composite that blends woven strands of carbon fiber and resin to create a material that truly showcases ultralight strength. 

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The EDC community spans a diverse spectrum of personalities and interests. We are proud to work with individuals who we feel embody our favorite aspects of the artistic direction and design within the knife community, each in their own way.

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Kody, Trent, Treavor, Steve

Driven to entertain, educate, and inspire through their DIY public land hunts, Born and Raised Outdoors is a group of four friends from Oregon with a passion for bowhunting elk.


Jeff Harms

Born and raised in the foothills of Northern California, Jeff works construction during the week giving him ample opportunity to put knives in hard-use environments. Beyond knives, Jeff has a passion for long range target shooting and exploring the mountains.

152000RG Altitude152000RG Altitude

Favorite Knife: 810 CONTEGO

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Nate Simmons

A longstanding member of the backcountry hunting community, Nate Simmons is an elite outdoorsman from eastern Oregon and co-host of The Western Hunter TV show


Michael Locke

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Michael Locke is known for his product photography and leathercraft, in addition to possessing an unrivaled eye for style and quality within the EDC community.

15001-2 Saddle15001-2 Saddle

Favorite Knife: 318 PROPER


Benchmade is proud to work with organizations that protect our rights as knife enthusiasts, owners, and manufacturers.

  • AKTI

    Founded in 1998, the American Knife and Tool Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry, and use knives and edged tools.


Our voices are louder when we're together, plan and simple. These events are an incredible opportunity to meet and interact with those that share a passion for hunting and fishing. 



Factory To Field

In our eyes, the story of a knife is only just beginning when it leaves our hands. How that story ends is up to you.

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