Tournant's Spiced Old Fashioned

Historians, mixologists and foodies agree that the Old Fashioned is one of the first named cocktails, a classic concoction of a rye whiskey (the original spirit), bitters, sugar and water. With storied origins in the early 1800s, it gained popularity, fell out of fashion, and then amassed a new following of partakers by the 1860s. It was officially dubbed the Old Fashioned in the years to come. More than a century later, this cornerstone libation has changed little in all that time. Sure, bartenders have switched up the spirit, updated the aromatics and tinkered with the garnish to create signature drinks, but for the most part, the Old Fashioned remains ever-popular and simply delicious. Jaret and Mona, the founders of Tournant, bring their natural, farm-to-fire approach to the Old Fashioned with a modern and fascinating farm-to-ice recipe utilizing maple syrup and zippy orange zest to balance the bourbon and bitters. And because ingredients and preparation matter equally to the overall result, they reach for small-batch bourbon, real maple syrup, farm-fresh oranges and Benchmade’s Paring Knife, part of the 3 Piece Set, for that perfect slice of orange peel to decorate their custom creation.


4 oz Bourbon

1 oz Allspice Dram

2 tsp maple syrup

6 dashes cardamom or orange bitters 2 wide strips of orange zest

2 amarena cherries


Add ice to a mixing glass, then add bourbon, allspice dram, maple syrup and bitters. Stir until well combined and the outside of the glass is chilled to the touch.

Strain into two old-fashioned glasses filled halfway with ice. Thread two cocktail picks with an orange twist and a cherry and balance atop each glass.

Meant to be sipped slowly, the Old Fashioned is the perfect beverage to enjoy on the deck with friends on a cool, crisp winter evening or saddled up indoors next to the fire. Now that you’re armed with the mother of all Old Fashioned recipes, grab a couple glasses and some fancy ice cubes, get the freshest local ingredients, get the right knife for the job and serve up a couple of the best Old Fashioneds you’ve ever had. And by the way, there’s no shame in partaking in this libation solo. Just call it a reward for making though the year!


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