Feel prepared when you enter a field or scale a mountain, ready to hunt! Our selection of reliable and trusted knives is a critical component for a successful hunt. Benchmade knives are meticulously designed to perform specialized tasks when it comes to all your hunting needs. Select from our popular hunting knives and find the one that will not only cut with precision but will last against all elements with elevated durability. Whether you are using Benchmade's Saddle Mountain Skinner knives or the tough Raghorn for backcountry hunters, these premium fixed blades are designed for processing big game. These skinning knives will quickly and efficiently remove the hide from any animal without compromising the meat. Or, take hold of our collection of Meatcrafter® knives that can go from indoor to outdoor situations flawlessly. You can also go with our versatile Grizzly Creek pocket knife with a folding gut hook built into the handle, or carry the classically styled Crooked River for use in and out of the field. Benchmade offers the most advanced hunting knives ever made that can stand up to any task.