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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on March 28, 2018):

I received a 940-2 on 3-16-18 and upon opening it noticed right away how the knife wasn't very sharp and also how gritty the action felt but just passed it off as it needs time to break in so I sharpened it and carried for about a week when was using closing it I felt something sharp cut into my thumb near the axis lock and noticed a big ribbon like piece of metal coming out from under the axis lock stud that must have been left in there from production and after it fell out of there you almost have to pry the axis lock to get it to close. Pretty sad as I have wanted a 940 for a very long time and when I finally got one it was of this quality! must not be any quality control department anymore, and to top it off I was supposed to cover shipping on a brand new knife that shouldn't have left the factory in the first place. Spoke with customer service yesterday and the gentleman said he would email me a return label this morning but this morning has came and went without any sign of customer service or email etc!!

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