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940/943 Family

Product Review (submitted on July 2, 2017):

Many discuss the price point of a blade like this when writing about it, however I will say little about it: You're buying something that truly is high end. Honestly, I can see spending more if needed to fulfill my desires of achieving a knife that will truly last. Really, you wont regret spending so much when you realize the only thing that will feat you is misplacement.

I carry this everyday, and its been all-around excellent. I won't list everything that I love about the product, that will likely take far too long. Instead I will discuss the minor imperfections:

-First, the sharpness out of the box. The same day I bought this I purchased a Kershaw for $20. The Kershaw was able to give me a nice arm shaving, while the Benchmade fell short in this respect. It is plenty sharp, however the term they often use, "Razor sharp" doesn't quite accurately describe the state of the edge out of the box. I will note however, what I stated above: This is a "minor imperfection" as 1) It still is proficient, and 2) I can easily make it sharper.

-Second, the clip. On the blade its self I have a very nice satin black coating which holds up quite well. The clip however, has not done the same. Functionally its impeccable, however cosmetically it flaws extremely easily. I think Benchmade, if possible, should apply the same coating from the blade on the clip. I hear Benchmade will replace clips if needed, so that problem solves as well.

That's really all of the criticism I have for my new EDC, I highly recommend just for that: EDC use.

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