Seasonal Delights with Emily Harkavy

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, our kitchen was the heart of our home; a place filled with connection, warmth, and incredible meals. My mom, an amazing home chef and nutrition enthusiast, made sure us kids were part of the cooking journey, sparking a passion for both food and nutrition that I now channel as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and holistic chef. The kitchen is my haven; a space where I take risks, experiment, and see my passion come to life. The changing seasons and the land around me inspire the recipes I create—a direct reflection of the natural shifts in seasonal abundance. From the farm to the table, I love to create dishes that are not just tasty, but also nourishing.


Test out these recipes, and let it be a purposeful exploration—an opportunity to connect with your ingredients, express your culinary creativity, and share a meaningful feast with your loved ones. Here's to savoring not only good food but also the art of creating significant nourishing experiences around the table.


A photo of Emily Harkavy's Beet Carpaccio, which links to the recipe.

Link to Cast-Iron Steak Recipe


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Looks absolutely delicious!

Milton Washington lll

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