Coleman Family Ranch

For five generations, the Colemans have proudly farmed and raised cattle in Oregon. But the animals and land they tend to have always come second to raising a family, one whose values and ethics are instilled in the children before they can even lift a bag of feed. Steve Coleman, who grew up one of ten siblings on his parents’ farm, raised his five children on his Ranch in Molalla, OR.

Running Cattle, Together.

While some fathers will get out to play ball with their kids, the Colemans run, rope and brand cattle with theirs. Steve’s son, Mitch Coleman, is a rodeo pickup man for the PBR, cattle rancher, and now the father of his own two girls. Mollie, age four, is already on horseback behind her dad in the corrals sorting calves.

Joined also by Mitch’s wife, Millie, who comes from a rodeo and ranching family in Tillamook, OR, Bridgette, Mitch’s sister, and a few other helping hands—it truly is a family effort. Everyone has a job to do and pulls their weight. “They saddle up, they gather cattle, they brand calves… girls, boys, it didn’t matter, they all went to work,” says Steve Coleman.

A Place to Hang Your Hat

The Coleman family disproves the notion that hospitality is found only in the South. If you are a rodeo professional who tours through Oregon, you have probably heard of the Coleman Ranch, or possibly visited it. Steve, his wife, and their five children have all been involved in rodeo professionally for over 30 years, so they certainly understand the needs of the weary rodeo traveler.

Theirs, For Life

Though the Colemans have already firmly cemented themselves into Oregon’s rodeo and cattle ranching history, there’s no intention of slowing down. “Well, sure, I made a mark or two in the industry... but we’re not done yet today. We’re still trying to improve our cattle operation. We’re trying to move forward,” says Steve.

A Rancher's Knife

Before his passing, knife designer and Australian ranch hand, Warren Osborne, collaborated with Benchmade to create the now-iconic 940. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the famed knife, and after dozens of variants, we’re proud to honor Warren and ranchers everywhere with the 9400 Auto Osborne.

940 Knives

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